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Be patient and make contact re-establishment possible

What can I do for you as a relationship recovery coach?

A parent who desires to re-establish contact with his or her child(ren) should be patient. In addition, self-reflection is extremely important. Creating trust in the relationship is a sensitive process and needs time to grow. As a relationship recovery coach, I can support and guide you in this process.

Why I work as a relationship recovery coach

At different times in my life, I have been confronted with relationship recovery. I have restored contact with my biological mother, with my adoptive parents and with my own children, after a complex divorce. I have seen the pain, confusion and loss of children (including adult children) who had lost contact with (one of) their parents. I have seen in the guidance of relationship recovery how confusion can be exchanged for understanding. This is what I like to use my services as a coach for.

For whom is relationship recovery coaching?

Relationship recovery coaching is for parents who have not had contact with their child for a long time (perhaps since the early childhood of their child) and want to investigate whether this contact (or perhaps even the relationship) can be restored. Relationship recovery coaching is also for families who have lost contact with each other, due to a conflict or disagreement and want to restore the relationship.

What are we going to do?

Each coaching program starts with an introductory meeting in which we determine the essence of the process together. The desired perspective is also discussed and I share more about my approach.

Specifically for relationship recovery coaching there are five phases that are completed:

  1. The origin
  2. The detachment
  3. The longing
  4. The remote connection
  5. Relationship restoration (exploration)

Only after these steps are completed, the next phase can be started.

In essence, the process is aimed at enabling sustainable relationship recovery. It is a tailor-made process that will take place in a pleasant coaching space as well as outside, in nature.

Previous experiences

Curious what others thought of my services as a coach? Some of them have shared their experience with me. You can read these below.

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Vincent is a thoughtful observer who uses his creativity while coaching. The images that occur to him have a direct link with what was going on with me at the time. This offered a unique entrance and material for thinking and feeling. With warmth he put me to work.

- Koosje


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Had a great opportunity to participate in a number of sessions with Vincent. Vincent knows how to frame the conversation so that you really get to the core of a topic and this has been very enlightening for me. His way of working is very pleasant. It was very helpful for me.

- Manon


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