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A coach in the service of the children

What can I do for you as a divorce coach?

In counseling parents in divorce, I'm in the service of their children. As a divorce coach, I let parents look over the shoulders of their children. In this way they can see the effect of their choices and actions on their children. As a divorce coach, I support all family members in their process. But my bias is completely and exclusively focused on what the children need.

Why am I working as a divorce coach?

Divorce coaching originated from my mission to actually make a difference for vulnerable children. For over 25 years I have listened to the wishes and desires of children during and after their parents' divorce. I speak to parents who want the best for themselves, but above all for their children. Sometimes they lose themselves in the emotions of the divorce process. When I join parents and children, in the service of the children, parents almost always manage to achieve what they desire for their children.

Divorce coaching, for who?

Divorce coaching is for parents who want to separate well for their children and want careful guidance in this process. But it is also for parents who experience that during the divorce process they risk losing focus on their children. I offer them a number of tools to make choices that are good for the children. Divorce coaching from BUROVince is also for parents, or one of the parents, who have ended up in a (long-term) complex divorce. And now want(s) to find a way to change something in the divorce process and improve the situation for the children.  

How will this work?

Each coaching program starts with an introductory meeting in which we determine the essence of the process together. What needs to be achieved and what is expected of me as a coach? During this conversation, I also share more about my approach and how we give substance to the process.

Would you like to have an insight in my approach?

Read my blog 'Professionals are needed when parents are in danger of losing sight of their children'.

Previous experiences

Curious about what others thought of my services as a divorce coach? Some of them have shared their experience with me. You can read these below.

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Sometimes people come your way and you only understand afterwards what an important role they had at a decisive moment in your life. Vincent is one of those people to me. He has the ability, in a number of conversations with his immense experience and clarity, to clarify very complex situations in a respectful way for all involved. His starting point is always in the best interest of the child. His strength lies in using the handles he has (which can sometimes be very limited) to explore the limits of what is possible to achieve this.

He managed to create peace and stability around our daughter after an intense period. This gave her the space to become herself again. That was very nice to see and I am very grateful to Vincent for that. He has done this step by step, kept the overview and whenever necessary, he adjusted. He is a very pleasant person to exchange thoughts with and it is a great idea that I can always call on him in the future.

- Linda


Are you looking for a divorce coach? Get in touch.

Are you interested in my services as a divorce coach? I can imagine a variety of questions. I would love to get in touch to get acquainted. Send an email to info@burovince.nl and I will get back to you as soon as possible.