(Family) constellations

Having an eye for connectedness.


Every first Thursday of the month we organize small-scale family/systemic constellations in BUROVince's space at Dé Plek in Leiden.
The next dates in 2024 are March 7 and April 4.

Based on the personal questions of contributors, systemic research is done. For this we use representatives or objects. This choice is made together with the contributor.

There are very diverse topics that can be drafted. You can think of:

Family issues
Personal development
Contact recovery
Relationship issues
Difficult to break patterns

What is a setup?


Family/systemic constellations are an extremely effective method for gaining insight into the force field in which you find yourself.

A constellation is a visualization of the pattern and associated dynamics you are dealing with. This can be about both your private and professional life. 

During a constellation we 'systemically look'. That means: having an eye for the enormous web through which all persons and events within a (family or organizational) system are connected, which have their effects in the past, present and future.

During a constellation, all elements of the force field of your question or stalled process are mapped.
BUROVince combines systemic work and the Solution `Focused thinking with which a clear analysis and concrete first step towards the desired situation is connected.

Would you also like to explore something? Send me a message, info@burovince.nl or 0645486115.