Working together on your personal journey

As a coach, I can help you in different ways with your questions and personal journey. Below you will find the different services I offer. Of course you can also pass on other wishes to me, in case they do not match the services below. Please contact me for an introductory chat without any obligation.

As a three year old child I was adopted from Canada and came to the Netherlands. There were times when I would have loved to have someone next to me who understood, could listen, or simply asked a question. Someone who made sure that I didn't have to do it all by myself. With this in mind I started as an adoption coach. In adoption coaching, I focus on all elements of the triangle and help the adopted, remote, and/or adoptive parents in this process.

As a divorce coach I focus on all facets of the divorce process and all the emotions that come with it. The question, how do we want to organise the children during and after the divorce process, is central to this process. As a coach, I really want to hear the parents (and if desired, the children), and see who they are and what they are going through. I then translate this to the needs and wishes of the children. In this way, we can investigate together how you as parents can make these important choices.  

Relationship recovery coaching focuses on parents who, for whatever reason, have lost the relationship with their child(ren) and want to re-establish contact. This process is primarily aimed at the parent himself/herself. Together we focus on understanding the relationship between you and your child(ren), and uncover unanswered questions.  

Previous experiences

Curious what others thought of my services as a coach? Read some of their experiences below.

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Vincent is a thoughtful observer who uses his creativity while coaching. The images that occur to him have a direct link with what was going on with me at the time. This offered a unique entrance and material for thinking and feeling. With warmth he put me to work.

- Koosje


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Had a great opportunity with Vincent to participate in a number of sessions. Vincent knows how to frame the conversation so that you really get to the core of a topic and this has been very enlightening for me. His way of working is very pleasant. Had a lot of use.

- Manon


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