At the Eucalyptus Table

eucalyptus table

About a year ago I was surfing over Pinterest looking for inspiration for a new coach table. Visually oriented as I am, this 'images walhalla' is the perfect place to get ideas. This is where I first came across a 'Rivertable'.

A 'Rivertable' is a tree trunk table whose natural openings are filled with epoxy. I am not a tree hugger, but I am always deeply impressed by primeval old trees. I like to dwell on the fact that these trees are sometimes hundreds of years old. What they have seen pass by and the storms they have endured. The changes of seasons that these trees have experienced and the stories they could tell

My choice fell on the cross-section of an ancient eucalyptus tree. Torn, hollowed out and with a pallet of a thousand and one shades. Hard and strong but also vulnerable around the core just like my clients and their process.

The potential that is visible in the perspective at the start of our collaboration. The rough and uneven surface of starting the healing process.

The natural openings that are visible, but of which have yet to be discovered which offer a route to a continuity in the flow. In my Rivertable nature (in my coach-room hangs the wonderful smell of the wood) alternates with artificial (the epoxy filling in my table).

In my coaching conversations I often talk about thinking, - feeling - wanting, and I invite my clients to trust the process and themselves and especially to take their time. Finding, choosing and receiving my eucalyptus Rivertable has brought up all these elements for me as well. Now a year after I had the thought for the first time, it is an indescribable feeling that I now have my own Rivertable in the coaching room.

I have to wait a little longer to receive the chairs from Italy and then I can receive guests and clients again at this beautiful ancient eucalyptus Rivertable.

Have you come to tell your story, too?

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