About me


Keep the child inside you alive.


I was born in 1962 in Toronto, Canada. Adopted by parents who emigrated from the Netherlands and had 3 more children of their own after me. I have always felt welcome, but not so often understood. When I was 7 years old my parents moved back to the Netherlands. This made me the first dark boy in Barneveld. My parents were also the owners of one of the four bakers in the village.  

After high school, I started traveling and lived in different parts of the world. I lived together with people from many different backgrounds. I was looking for ... answers to questions I couldn't ask then. In hindsight, I recognize that this taught me to look at things without judgment.

As an adopted child, I missed all the reference frameworks. Besides what I learned from my parents, I didn't recognize anything from what I saw. This led me to investigate the question 'how do I, but also everyone around me, come to the choices we make?' 'And when we see that we don't achieve what we want, can we do something else?

Now, looking back at the different stages of my life in which I discovered and learned, looking ahead with longing for what's yet to come, I invite you to walk with me and discover the answers to your questions....


Vince as a coach


As a coach, it is my job to listen purely and hear what my clients have to say. To translate in essence where they get stuck, what they long for, and discover what gives them optimal room to move, freedom, and tranquility. And to discover together how they can hold on to this in a sustainable way.

I've been working as a professional coach for over 25 years. It makes me very happy that I can do this by 'just' being myself. The core values that I focus on as a coach are as follows:

  • Focus on authenticity, you can always be yourself
  • Vulnerability. If you dare to be vulnerable, there's a lot you can do
  • Openness to inner transformation

My goal is to really make a difference for my clients. To help them move on to a happier life in which thinking, feeling and wanting come together.

Labels and professional organisations:

As a coach, I am a member of the professional organisations listed below and I have the following quality marks: 

crkbo teacher
skj-quality register-youth

BUROVince complies with the NOBCO code of ethics. If you would like to know more about this, I would like to refer you to this document.

Get in touch with me!

Does my story appeal to you, are you interested in my services as a coach or is there anything else I can help you with? If so, please contact me by sending an email to info@burovince.nl. I'd love to hear from you!