Coaching focused on your personal journey

Whether you are looking for an adoption coach, divorce coach, relationship recovery coach, or a coach in general, together we can shape your personal journey. In my coaching I focus on quietness and freedom and help you create a life in which joy comes first.

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Finding the right balance

Adoption is a complex process for all parties involved. Are you an adopted, adoptive or remote parent? As a coach I can help you (together or separately) with questions, uncertainties and processing. 


Becoming stronger as a family

Divorcing is an emotional roller coaster. Especially when kids are involved. I really want to hear you as parents (and if you wish, the children), and see who you are and go through. As a divorce coach, I investigate how you want to make choices.   


Restore contact at your pace

A lost relationship between parents and children can seem irreversible. I'd like to help you understand that it doesn't have to be that way. As a relationship recovery coach, I help parents to restore the bond with their children.  

Who am I?


Vincent Aelbers

It makes me happy when I can actually make a difference for the people I work with. As a coach, I am able to watch all the choices and moves of my coachee with amazement. In the end, I always manage to get to the essence of the issue(s). The power of vulnerability is paramount in this. If one is open to a personal journey, they actually always experience a positive transformation to more tranquility and freedom.   

What my customers say


I'd like to let others talk about their experiences. Read below what some of my former coachees say about my services as a coach.

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Had a great opportunity to participate in a number of sessions with Vincent. Vincent knows how to frame the conversation so that you really get to the core of a topic and this has been very enlightening for me. His way of working is very pleasant. It was very helpful for me.

- Manon


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Vincent is a Coach with a capital "C". Would you, as a professional, like to be mirrored and have your working methods scrutinised, where do you get stuck or what can you improve and how can you make improvements. Where are your blind spots? Vincent is very good at asking the right questions and getting you to where change is possible. His analytical and empathic skills are strong, this combined with his broad knowledge makes him a very good coach.

- Geke




I regularly write articles and blogs about my personal experiences and my view on coaching. On my blog page you will find all publications.

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